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E-meet Kiara Ridgell, One's 20-year-old new face from Monticello, Arkansas.


Instagram: @kiaradanaye

Twitter: @kiaradanaye

Facebook: Kiara Danay'e


Modeling story. I met [scout] Scie Ward two summers ago at her open call. She took me on and helped me get started.

Favorite designer. Jason Wu, don't ask why, but I feel like if I were to meet him we would be best friends. I also love John Galliano.

Any given day of the week, I'm wearing... Simple black tank-top, fitted black jeans, over-sized cardigan, black leather bag and black suede booties.

Beauty routine. I am a natural girl. Just water and face wash. Oh, and I use Raw Shea Butter. It keeps my skin smooth and bright.

I'm currently listening to..."What Can't We Do," by Cris Cab feat. Daytona. Calvin Harris is my favorite DJ. And he's hot too.

My browser is always open to... and I pretty much live there.

Last book you read. I'm reading Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible: The Fascinating History of Everything in Your Closet.

Little known fact. Most people don't know that I'm a HOOPER. I love, love, love basketball. I've crossed a few people and jayed. [Ed. Note: jayed, in case you were unsure, as most of us in the office were, is when you make a mid-range shot over another player]

I Heart NY. I've been in NYC since last January. All the different people and cultures in one big city amuses me. It's so different.

Favorite NYC restaurant. Spice on 13th and Broadway.

Biggest "Holy Shit, I'm a model moment." The day I signed with ONE. I love being a part of the family.

Favorite Spring/Summer show this season. DKNY.

Photographer you'd give a leg to work with. Steven Meisel. He can make any girl look like a supermodel.

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