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An incredible spectrum of relevant voices in fashion photography come together, along with four great artists, to capture their own interpretation of a singular subject in Love Linda Vojtova. Celebrating 10 years in fashion, the Czech beauty has spent two entire months traveling to shoot the content that will be unveiled in an evening where art and fashion come together under the banner of a great cause.  Those in attendance will be given the chance to purchase the one of a kind pieces during a silent auction, with proceeds going to , a charity that raises money for children in need.

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Tasha Tilberg Twin by KT Auleta





It seems KT is a name that stirs thoughts of free flowing fashion and cool kid publications, how would you describe your own aesthetic?

I like to capture the strength and beauty of the model as a character as well as the spirit and light of a location. cinematic / dynamic? 


How old were you when you first realized that you wanted to be a Fashion Photographer?

Seriously like 5 or 6 years ago.  I had done a million other things skirting it (magazine work, photo agency work, ad agency work), and realized I wanted to make the pictures.


Who are some of your biggest inspirations in the business? Model, photographer, editor, artist, designer or otherwise....?


It's impossible to make this a permanent list cause I'm always finding new things about people to inspire me... people who are passionate and not afraid to try a bunch of things like: Lauren Hutton, Dolly Parton, Chris Christopherson, Verushka, and recently I met Rie Rassmusen which was cool. And people who master their aesthetics and concepts: Cindy Sherman, Helmut Newton, RIchard Prince, YSLaurent, Robert Altman, Jimmie Hendrix


I feel like every photographer has a dream publication that they've always wanted to shoot for, one that sort of represents the pinnacle moment of success for them...which is that magazine for you?

Self Sevice + French Vogue


Right now the business has changed for everyone, on so many levels and some look at it as a refreshing consolidation of the business...bringing it back to basics so to you think that this has created more room for new talent? Or pushed them out?

I think there will always be room for good work.


You've recently done your first Film, I had the privilege of attending the screening and it was definitely something that left everyone wondering if you will be using that medium more moving forward? Do you intend on another film project anytime in the near future?

Yes I'm working on another script about a wandering man in the 70s in search of a utopian life. I loved the process of writing and shooting and editing a narrative film and would like to do it again. I will also be incorporating moving image into my fashion work more and more.

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